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Use OpsDog's process maps, organization charts, performance metrics, improvement opportunities, and best practices to kick-start your own business improvement efforts.

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STEP 1: Sort by Organization or Industries  
Organizational Functions

Improvement materials are broadly applicable to many industries and business segments.
(Finance, HR, IT etc.)


Improvement materials apply to specific industries and business segments only.
(Banking, Pharmaceuticals, etc.)

STEP 2: Filter by Organization and Industry Groups  
  • Support Groups
    (HR, Finance, Marketing, etc.)
  • General Line Groups
    (Sales, Customer Service, etc.)
  • Supply Chain Groups
    (Procurement, Order Management, etc.)
  • Financial Services
    (Banking, Insurance, etc.)
  • Media Services
    (Broadcast, Advertising, etc.)
  • Information Services
    (Data Processing, Research, etc.)
  • Health Care
    (Health Insurance, Group Benefits, etc.)
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
    (Exploration, Refining, etc.)
  • Retail Sales
    (Clothing, Electronics, etc.)
  • Telecommunications
    (Phone, Internet, etc.)
  • Utilities
    (Electricity, Water, Sewage, etc.)
  • Manufacturing & Production
    (Aerospace, Tech, Pharmaceuticals, etc.)
STEP 3: Choose an Organization or Industries
  • Information Services Operations
  • Oil & Gas Operations
  • Telecommunications Services Operations
  • Utilities Services Operations
  • Retail Sales Operations
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Paper/Packaging
  • Industrial Products


What do I choose?

Improvement Resource Center

Use these materials to jump-start your business improvement efforts

  • Blank Organization Chart

    Blank Organization Charts

    These concise summaries of organizational groups are helpful for defining the scope of your improvement efforts.

  • Case Studies

    Case Studies

    Learn how other internal improvement teams have successfully implemented major self-funding improvement programs.

  • Benchmarking Metrics Catalogs

    Key Performance Indicators

    Each KPI collection includes standard definitions for hundreds of comparative, quantitative performance measures.

  • Process Mapping Symbols

    Process Mapping Symbols

    Use this simple library of symbols to create consistent documentation of your business processes.