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Human Resources Process Maps

Human Resources Process Map Collection

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  • Move Management

    Assisting recently hired employees with relocation. Includes assistance in transporting possessions, locating an appropriate residence, updating or procuring any state/federal documentation, and ensuring the employee is settled into the new environment.

  • Recruiting & Hiring

    Recruit, assign, and place employees into certain positions within the organization based on current need and employee competency.

  • Training & Development

    The initial training as well as continued development, and improvement of existing employee competencies. Includes training, education, and future development of existing human capital.

  • Benefits Administration

    The management, development, and administration of all employee health, disability, vacation, and other related benefits.

  • Payroll

    (Maps Coming Soon)

  • Performance Management

    The formal analysis of employee performance. Includes employee observation, formal performance reviews, improvement recommendations, and commendations.

  • Employee Relations

    Manage and reconcile any benefits, compensation or policy related issues surrounding human capital. Ensure employee adherence to internal policies, act as point of contact for HR-related inquiries, and manage all employee complaints and suggestions.

  • HR Info Center

    (Maps Coming Soon)

  • Misconduct Resolution

    The identification, evaluation and resolution of instances of employee misconduct. Includes review with HR management (or in special cases an HR Specialist), discussion of employee options, and conditional continuation or termination of employment.

  • Resignation & Termination

    Handle all tasks surrounding voluntary and involuntary termination and initiate any retirement benefits. Includes reconciliation of all employee equipment and paperwork upon termination and the documentation of terminated employee retirement benefits.

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