Call Center Benchmarking Report & Metrics (2016 Update)

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Overview: Call Center Benchmarking Report

This report includes data for 27 Call Center performance metrics, or KPIs, including Abandonment Rate, Cost per Call, Calls Handled per Representative, and more. Each metric in this report includes a detailed definition and a chart depicting high-to-low performer data. Stop operating in the dark - benchmarking is the first step in identifying improvement opportunities within your Call Center. Use this report to begin assessing the performance of any Call Center Group.

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Table of Contents: Call Center Benchmarking Report

The Call Center Benchmarking Report (2016) contains benchmarking data, charts and definitions for the below metrics:

B. IVR/VRU Development & Maintenance Benchmarks(1)

Report Details & FAQ: Call Center Benchmarking Report

How many sources does this report contain? What is the date range?

The most current version of the Call Center Benchmarking Report includes data from over 30 unique sources (i.e., companies). The date range for this report is 2012-2016.

What kind of companies are included in the data for this report?

The companies included in this report break down as follows:

Company Sizes (Total = 100%)

  • 1,001-10,000 Employees 3%
  • 10,001-25,000 Employees 17%
  • 25,001-50,000 Employees 25%
  • > 50,000 Employees 55%

Industries (Total = 100%)

  • Banking 67%
  • Insurance 19%
  • Technology & Communications Operations 6%
  • Healthcare 4%
  • All Other Industries 4%

How is this data collected?

OpsDog's data is collected through hands-on observations and data analysis performed for past clients or partners, and through surveys conducted throughout the year by our in-house analysis team. We also collect data from third party industry associations and public sources (annual filings, regulatory bodies) for selected metrics.

How do I purchase this report? How/when will I receive it?

Simply click the "add to cart" button and follow the process to purchase and download this report today. You can use any major credit card, or a PayPal account, to pay. After your payment is processed, you will be provided with a link to download this PDF document immediately. Download a free sample report now.

When will this report be refreshed? Is there a discount for repeat buyers?

Our database is constantly growing - we refresh these formal reports on a bi-annual or annual basis, dependent upon the trends (or lack thereof) that our analysts see in the data being collected. New report versions typically include additional data for existing metrics, as well as data for new metrics not included in previous versions. Repeat purchasers are eligible to receive a 50% discount on future updates. Contact us for more information about report updates and discounts.

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