Sales Benchmarking Report

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This report contains data on 26 Sales metrics

General Sales Metrics (7)

  1. Gross Profit as a Percentage of Sales
  2. Operating Margin
  3. Sales Growth
  4. Sales to Assets
  5. SG&A as a Percentage of Sales
  6. Span of Control: Sales
  7. Total Operating Expense as a Percentage of Sales

Inside & Outside Sales Metrics (13)

  1. Average Handle Time (Inbound + Outbound)
  2. Average Handle Time (Inbound Calls)
  3. Average Handle Time (Outbound Calls)
  4. Average Speed of Answer
  5. Average Talk Time
  6. Calls Handled per Representative (Inbound + Outbound)
  7. Calls Handled per Representative (Inbound)
  8. Calls Handled per Representative (Outbound)
  9. Inside Sales Expenses as a Percentage of Total Revenue
  10. Inside Sales Representative Activity Breakdown: On-Phone
  11. Inside Sales Representatives per $1B Revenue
  12. Outside Sales Representative Activity Breakdown: Direct Selling Activities
  13. Sales Representative Headcount Ratio

Sales Performance Management Metrics (3)

  1. Sales Compensation Expense as a Percentage of Total Revenue
  2. Sales Quota Attainment: Individuals
  3. Sales Quota Attainment: Sales Teams

Sales Support Metrics (3)

  1. Average Compensation: Sales Support
  2. Sales Administration Employees per $1B Revenue
  3. Sales Representatives per Sales Support Employee

Report demographic profile

This report contains data from over 40 unique sources across a range of company sizes and industries.

Company Sizes (Total = 100%)
  • < 1,000 Employees 6%
  • 1,001-10,000 Employees 2%
  • 10,001-25,000 Employees 2%
  • 25,001-50,000 Employees 38%
  • > 50,000 Employees 52%
Industries (Total = 100%)
  • Insurance 32%
  • Banking 20%
  • Technology & Communications 14%
  • Pharmaceuticals 8%
  • Media Services 7%
  • All Other Industries* 19%

*Other industries include energy & utilities, hospitality, wholesale trade, transportation and telecommunications.

OpsDog’s Sales benchmarking report includes data on 26 metrics across multiple Sales functions, Inside & Outside Sales, Sales Support and Sales Performance Management.

Report FAQ

Where does this data come from?

Our data comes from hands-on consulting observations, industry reports and benchmarking surveys. Each data point goes through multiple quality checkpoints before it is uploaded to our database.

What format does this come in?

Reports are delivered in PDF or PowerPoint format. Data comes in a standardized Excel format.

How do I get my report?

We will send your report to you via email after your payment is successfully processed. Reports are typically delivered within 2-3 business days following purchase.

How do i pay?

We accept payments over PayPal’s secure network. OpsDog does not store credit card information in any way.

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