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KPI-Driven Dashboards & Analytics

Businesses squander millions on unorganized data and BI investments – not to mention the value hiding within their data. Our reports provide the KPIs executives and managers need to drive the business.

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Our database of 5,000+ KPI measurements will make sure you measure what matters.
OpsDog Services OpsDog Services

The Benefits

The KPIs and data you need to manage your business – delivered to your screen without spending another dime on software or infrastructure.

OpsDog Service Benefits
We enrich and standardize your existing data to produce insightful, user-friendly dashboards.
  • Track the metrics that matter:

    Our database of over 5,000 KPI measurements will help us jointly define a manageable set of metrics to increase visibility and deliver insights.

  • Use existing data and infrastructure – no new tech:

    We’ll wrangle data your existing data into the format required to produce valuable BI reports. We can handle data from any existing source (SQL, Excel, etc.).

  • Accelerate and supplement current BI initiatives:

    Our team can kick start and support your existing BI efforts by providing industry-standard KPIs, organizational structures, data models and report templates.

  • View reports anytime with secure, web-based access:

    You and your staff can access reports at any time on nearly any device through our secure (ISO 27001 certified), web-based portal.

What You Get

Interactive KPI Reports & BI Dashboards

Simple, lean business intelligence reports with the KPIs you need to manage your operations.

Report Specifications & User Guides

Details on how each report was built – including the included KPI calculations and definitions mapped to report elements.

OpsDog Service Features
Interactive KPI Reports & BI Dashboards Report Specifications & User Guides Report Access Portal Login (Web-Based) Ongoing Report Access & Support
Our reports help you monitor and sustain performance for each selected KPI.
Documentation ensures that each user understand report elements to improve usability.
Assign report permissions to allow selected users to log in and view reports through our secure online portal.
Our team of experts will be standing by to help make sure your reports are working perfectly.

Report Access Portal Login (Web-Based)

User credentials to access to your reports through our secure (2-factor authentication) web-based system.

Ongoing Report Access & Support

We’ll help you fine tune report content and design, refresh data and control employee access.

How Does It Work?

User-friendly, intuitive dashboard will help you quickly identify performance gaps.
Jointly Define Scope & KPIs

We’ll work with you define your overall objectives, outline the right KPIs and understand your current data and reporting environment.

1 Week
Gather Data & Develop Models

Using provided data, we design and populate our data models. We work directly with your internal experts to gather the required data from existing sources.

2-4 Weeks
Design, Build & Test Reports

We design, develop and test your interactive dashboards to include the KPIs, visualizations and features you need to manage your operations.

1-2 Weeks
Publish and Refresh Reports

We load approved reports to our secure web-based portal for distribution within your organization. Data refresh processes are defined.


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"Our internal analysts struggled to implement useful, aggregated business intelligence reports throughout the company. OpsDog’s knowledge of KPIs and operational data structures quickly pointed us in the right direction – and turned our efforts around. Our CEO took one look at the BI dashboards OpsDog could help us build – and knew we needed them to effectively manage our business."

- CFO, Fortune 1,000 Retail Bank

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