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Resources Designed to Support and Improve Sales Operations

What is Sales?

Sales departments are responsible for developing leads, generating new business and maintaining relationships with existing customers. They work with marketing teams to nurture leads through the sales funnel, from the discovery through purchase (and repeat purchases). Modern salespeople use various methods to reach customers, including email, phone, social media, direct mail, and text messaging. In some cases, sales representatives are supported by technical subject matter experts and administrative employees to ensure that they spend the majority of their time on high-value customer interactions. Sales activities typically involve a mix of inside (e.g., telesales, email marketing and sales, etc.) and outside sales (e.g., face-to-face meetings and sales consulting) activities to attract, nurture and close sales leads.

KPI's and Data

Org Charts

A typical Sales Department is composed of many common sub-functions, or teams, that work together to develop and nurture relationships with current and potential customers, assist customers in identifying the products or services that fit their needs, and increasing the organization's sales volumes. Browse our sales organization chart page to learn about the roles and responsibilities of each major function. Then, download our org chart template (PDF, Visio, PPT) to further understand sales organizational structure, and support improvement efforts within sales operations.

Our Services

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Best Practices

Check out our sales best practices page to view selected descriptions of work methods that have been proven to produce better results (as compared to other, similar methods). Want more? Download our Sales best practices guide, which provides a healthy selection of valuable best practices that can be incorporated to improve sales operations. There might not be only one "best" way to perform every task. However, there is always a "better" way.