Average Handle Time (AHT)

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KPI Benchmarks : Average Handle Time (AHT)

  • Benchmark Range 221-656
  • Benchmark Average 438
  • Benchmark Sample Size (n) 1355

* Is High or Low Best: Lower is Better

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KPI Details : Average Handle Time (AHT)

This KPI measures the productivity and efficiency of call center representatives and call handling practices. A high value for this metric can indicate poor in-call processes for account verification or problem definition, a lack of representative training or poor call routing procedures, all of which can lead to bloated average handle times and sub-par customer satisfaction. Excessive hold times and unnecessary after-call work exacerbate the issue and prevent representatives from moving on to other calls.

KPI Best Practices : Average Handle Time (AHT)

  • Proficiency in problem diagnosis
  • Agents cross-trained to handle multiple call types to minimize transfers
  • Use standard data input templates for after-call work to reduce cycle times

KPI Calculation Instructions Average Handle Time (AHT)?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the total number of seconds a call center representative spent handling customer calls over a certain period of time, and (2) the total number of calls handled by call center representatives over the same period of time. Include both inbound and outbound calls in this calculation (although data for these call types should be segmented to allow for additional analysis). Include hold times, transfers and any after-call work performed in this calculation. Do not include calls resolved within the IVR/VRU system in this calculation. A call that is transferred from the original representative to another representative should be considered a separate call.

KPI Formula :

(Number of Seconds Spent Handling Customer Calls / Total Number of Calls Handled)

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