Looking for performance data and benchmarks? Process management resources? Top-quality, low cost analysis? OpsDog has it.

Analytical Services

Customizable analysis for businesses of any size or industry—the quality of top consulting firms at a fraction of the cost.

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Metrics & Data

Standardized performance metric definitions and benchmark data across industries and business groups.

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Process Templates

Hundreds of downloadable templates to help you visualize, understand and improve your business processes.

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Org Chart Templates

Downloadable organization chart templates to manage your employees and focus your improvement efforts.

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opsdog helps businesses benchmark operations, organize data & improve processes

"The CFO put me on a mission to find some data to benchmark our Finance operations. Until I stumbled upon OpsDog, the only options that I had were $10,000 or more. The data OpsDog provided has contributed to a recent promotion!"

- Manager, Enterprise Analytics

"I am currently restructuring my customer service department and OpsDog’s workflow templates, KPI definitions and benchmarks have provided my team with the basis they needed to create more effective processes."

- VP of Customer Experience

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Business information is unorganized. Non-standard wording and definitions complicate apples-to-apples comparisons. OpsDog uses a standard taxonomy of industries and business functions to organize data, templates and content.

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