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OpsDog provides affordable pre-built products and tailored services aimed at measuring and improving operations for businesses of any size or industry.

A New Home for Business Data

OpsDog collects, refines and distributes business information and data that has traditionally been hard, or impossible, to find for use by both individuals and companies of all sizes.

About OpsDog


OpsDog aggregates valuable business data from 20+ years of traditional consulting experience and structured research performed by our team of business analysts.


Aggregated information (data, workflows, best practices, org structures, and more) is standardized, categorized and stored in our proprietary taxonomy-driven database.


We package this hard-to-find information and make it available to a wide audience through OpsDog, for use in business operations improvement and performance management.

On-Demand Benchmarking Data & Analysis

OpsDog’s expert analytical team can work with you to identify the most valuable metrics for your operations and provide a custom report benchmarking your performance. Learn More >

Products & Services for Improving Business Operations

OpsDog draws on over 20 years of Fortune 500 management consulting experience to provide standard pre-built products and customized analytical services aimed at measuring business performance and improving day-to-day business operations.

KPI Definitions, Benchmarks & Reports

We maintain and sell Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reference guides, benchmarking data for individual business metrics and comprehensive benchmarking reports covering critical KPIs for various industries and business functions.

Business Process Workflow Templates

We document and develop business process workflow, or flowchart, templates for over 200 common business processes. These templates can be purchased in PDF, PowerPoint and Visio formats and customized to fit any organization.

Org Chart Templates

We research and develop standardized organizational structures for various industries and organizational areas, and document these standard structures in org chart templates that can be purchased in PDF, PowerPoint and Visio formats.

Best Practice Documentation

We document and organize business best practices, or leading practices, which are work activities that have been proven to deliver superior results as compared to other 'typical' methods. Browse examples and purchase PDF guides detailing these tested best practices.

On-Demand Analytical Services

OpsDog's team of business analysts can work with you remotely to provide detailed research, benchmarks, process workflows, metric documentation and other content tailored precisely to your operational goals. Let our proprietary database of business information and seasoned team of analysts complement your improvement efforts.

Time for business to catch up

The quality of business information and data lags far behind that of other, less valuable disciplines in critical areas, including documentation, definition, organization and standardization.

Business information is...not Documented

Need to brush your teeth or operate a toaster? You are in luck. Directions and user manuals are at your fingertips. What if you need to process a loan? What about onboarding a new hire? Directions for these processes will be hard to find, unclear or unavailable.

Business information is...not Defined

Looking to brush up on the Klingon language? Not a problem, the internet has you covered. Now, how about definitions for job roles, industries, metrics and business processes? You will either not find them or run across many conflicting, confusing definitions for each of them.

Business information is...not Organized

Believe it or not, the world of Middle Earth has an organized, detailed taxonomy. Hobbits, elves and wizards - documented, organized and published. How about business? Taxonomies, or structural hierarchies, for industries and functional areas (e.g., Finance, HR, etc.) are impossible to find and/or entirely non-standard.

Business information is...not Standardized

Measuring the performance of any sports player is easy. Just navigate to one of any thousand websites that track standardized statistics across every major sport. What about the performance of your business? Operational business performance metrics are not standardized, making benchmarking and measurement hard or almost impossible.

OpsDog's mission is to address this absurd gap in business knowledge (data, definitions, etc.) by using a standardized taxonomy and data structures to store and form connections between metrics, data, business processes, work methods and much more.

Looking for a custom solution?

OpsDog’s remote analytical team can provide custom, high quality data, reports and analysis for your organization with low cost and risk. Custom solutions include:

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