About OpsDog

Design for Business Improvement

OpsDog provides data, information and services designed to support operational improvement for companies of all sizes and industries.

What we do.

We gather, refine and distribute valuable, hard-to-find business data and content.

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    We aggregate business data and insights – KPIs, data, workflows, best practices – from many sources.

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    Aggregated content is then organized and stored in our proprietary database for future use.

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    Content is compiled and distributed to clients in the form of our products and services.

What we sell.

The goal of our products and services is simple: help clients analyze, measure and improve business operations.

Our Products

$25 - $2,000

  • KPIs & Benchmarks

    KPI definitions, data and reports to measure and compare business operations.

  • Workflow Templates

    Customizable, step-by-step business process workflow templates.

  • Org Chart Templates

    Standard organizational structure charts for many industries and functions.

  • Best Practices Guide

    Guides detailing "leading practices" proven to improve business operations.

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Our Services

Starting at $2,500

  • Benchmarking Research

    Benchmarking & Research

    Targeted business data and research to improve decision-making.

  • Dashboard Design and Development

    Dashboard Design & Devleopment

    Interactive, user-friendly management reports and dashboards.

  • KPI Selection and Documentation

    KPI Selection & Documentation

    Customized KPI "user guides" detailing the most valuable metrics for you.

  • Process Modeling and Analysis

    Process Modeling & Analysis

    Customized, detailed process models to improve and run your business.

  • Best Practice Identification

    Best Practice Identification

    Tailored guides documenting best practices to implement in your business.

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