Occupancy Rate

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KPI Benchmarks : Occupancy Rate

  • Benchmark Range 48% - 87%
  • Benchmark Average 70.6%
  • Benchmark Sample Size (n) 494

* Is High or Low Best: Higher is Better

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KPI Details : Occupancy Rate

This KPI measures the productivity of call center representatives and the efficiency of call handling practices. Low values for this metric is indicative of poor representative training, poor call routing practices and inefficient forecasting models (i.e., not enough calls are coming into the call center, thus reducing the amount of time each agent spends on the phone within an overstaffed call center). This can lead to wasted employee time and effort, high overhead costs due to overstaffing, and sub-par customer satisfaction, which can in turn cause customer attrition rates to rise.

KPI Best Practices : Occupancy Rate

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KPI Calculation Instructions Occupancy Rate?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the amount of time (in seconds) that call center representatives spend handling calls, and (2) the total amount of time call center representatives are logged in and available to answer calls. Count both full-time and part-time employees in this calculation. Do not include off-phone time, such as coaching, training, breaks, team meetings, system downtime, internal call/emails, etc. when deriving the amount of time call center representatives are logged in and available to answer incoming calls from customers (i.e.,representatives are not available to answer calls during these time periods).

KPI Formula :

(Amount of Time Representatives Spend Handling Calls/Total Amount of Time Representatives are Logged in and Available to Answer Calls)*100

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