Percentage of T&E Checks Reissued

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Percentage of T&E Checks Reissued

KPI Details

The Percentage of Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Checks Reissued is a measure of overall work quality (i.e., adherence to standard processes, data quality, rework and error volumes) within the company's internal expense management function. A high rate of reissued T&E checks is typically related to inbound data quality or lack of defined quality checkpoints in processing employee T&E expense reports. An audit of T&E reporting processes typically reveals opportunities to simplify submission methods/formats and eliminate common, repetitive report errors/omissions, which can improve both employee satisfaction/service levels and expense management employee productivity.

KPI Definition

The number of travel and entertainment (T&E) checks distributed to employees that must be reissued (due to an error, dispute, etc.) divided by the total number of travel and entertainment reimbursement checks issued, as a percentage.

KPI Best Practices

  • Implement use of employee purchasing cards to reduce the need for check reimbursement
  • Use controlled entries or drop-down menus to input data for reimbursement
  • Train employees on proper way to submit/ fill-out expense vouchers

KPI Calculation Instructions Percentage of T&E Checks Reissued?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the total number of T&E checks delivered to employees that must be reissued, and (2) the total number of T&E expense checks issued over the same period of time. A check that must be "reissued" should be counted as any instance where a payment (a check, electronic transfer or other form of payment) to an employee must be canceled and re-configured to correct an issue (e.g., over/under-payment, missing information, wrong name, etc.) with the original payment. Do not count re-issued checks/payments in the denominator for this calculation.

KPI Formula :

(Number of T&E Checks Reissued / Total Number of Checks Issued) * 100

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