Call Center Shrinkage Due to Breaks

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KPI Benchmarks : Call Center Shrinkage Due to Breaks

  • Benchmark Range 4.8% - 6.4%
  • Benchmark Average 5.5%
  • Benchmark Sample Size (n) 1033

* Is High or Low Best: Lower is Better

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KPI Details : Call Center Shrinkage Due to Breaks

This metric measures both the productivity of the organization's workforce, as well as management's ability to monitor how effectively employees are using their time. Through granular analysis of employee time use, management is able to identify lost work time and determine methods to improve capacity. A larger than intended amount of work time lost to breaks may impact organizational capacity, as well as employee productivity, work quality and service levels.

KPI Best Practices : Call Center Shrinkage Due to Breaks

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KPI Calculation Instructions Call Center Shrinkage Due to Breaks?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the amount of work time (measured in minutes, rounded to the nearest tenth) lost due to scheduled and/or unscheduled breaks (lunch, smoke breaks, restroom breaks, etc.), and (2) the total amount of available work time across all of the organization’s employees during the measurement period. The amount of work time lost should be considered to be the amount of time call center representatives spend off the phone and unavailable to accept calls. Total available work time should be defined as the time the organization has scheduled, during business hours, for employees to perform work activities. To calculate the total amount of time available for work during the measurement period, first identity the number of hours employees were scheduled to work during the period; then, multiply that value by 60 to covert to minutes. For full-time salaried employees, use a standard 8 hour work day for this calculation (e.g., 10 salaried employees working 8 hours per day equates to 4,800 available work minutes per day).

KPI Formula :

((Sum of Work Time Lost Due To Breaks) / Total Available Work Time) *100

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