Cost per T&E Report Processed

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Cost per T&E Report Processed

KPI Details

Cost per Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Report Processed measures the average cost to handle and pay out a single employee T&E report over a certain time period (i.e., unit cost). While there are many technologies that will automate various parts of the T&E expense management process, various non-technology issues can cause issues, driving unit costs higher (and, negatively impacting service levels and employee satisfaction). Poorly defined expense policies and report submission procedures, incorrect or missing T&E report information (e.g., missing receipts, incorrect charge codes, etc.) and a lack of attention to detail among T&E processing staff can negatively impact employee productivity, costs and service levels. An audit of T&E reporting processes typically reveals opportunities to simplify submission methods/formats and eliminate common, repetitive report errors/omissions.

KPI Definition

The total cost (labor, technology, processing fees, etc.) related to processing and paying out travel and entertainment (T&E) expense reports from company employees over a certain period of time divided by the total number of T&E reports processed over the same period of time.

KPI Best Practices

  • Use pre-approvals for employee purchases to minimize disputes
  • Require use of employee purchasing cards to reduce the need for cash receipts
  • Implement mobile receipt capture tools to reduce the instances of lost receipts
  • Clearly define and enforce expense policies among employees

KPI Calculation Instructions Cost per T&E Report Processed?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the cost of processing travel and entertainment (T&E) expense reports, and (2) the total number of T&E reports processed over the same period of time. Total T&E processing expense should include labor, technology and any other overhead dedicated to the company’s internal expense management function (i.e., report processing, error correction, dispute management, inquiry management, reimbursement management, etc.) within the measurement period. The total number of T&E reports processed should include all expense reports submitted by employees for processing within the measurement period.

KPI Formula :

Total T&E Report Processing Expense / Total Number of T&E Reports Processed

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