Average Hold Time

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Average Hold Time

KPI Details

This KPI measures the quality of service provided by a Call Center and the efficiency of call handling practices. While, sometimes, a caller must be placed on hold so that the representative can retrieve information and/or speak with a supervisor, high values for this metric indicate inefficiencies within call center systems and procedures and poor representative training. Excessive hold times can, as a result, lead to bloated average handle times, poor employee performance rates and sub-par customer satisfaction.

KPI Definition

The average number of seconds that a customer is forced to wait on hold during the course of a single call, as well as between transfers, over a certain period of time. This number does not include the time required to initially answer the call (i.e., speed of answer), or the time the customer spends in the IVR/VRU menu.

KPI Best Practices

  • Agents cross-trained to handle multiple call types to minimize transfers
  • Proficiency in problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Utilize capacity models and call volume forecasts to optimize call center staffing
  • Shrinkage routinely monitored to improve representative availability

KPI Calculation Instructions Average Hold Time?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the total number of seconds that customers wait on hold during the course of a call during a certain period of time, and (2) the total number of calls handled by call center representatives over the same period of time. Include hold times occurring during a call as well as between transfers within this calculation. Include both inbound and outbound calls in this calculation. Do not include the time the customer spent within the IVR/VRU system in this calculation. This does not include the time to answer a call once it is routed to a representative by the IVR/VRU system.

KPI Formula :

(Number of Seconds Customers Spend on Hold / Total Number of Calls Handled)

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