Call Center Forecast Accuracy (Calls Offered)

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Call Center Forecast Accuracy (Calls Offered)

KPI Details

This KPI measures the ability of call center workforce managers and directors to accurately forecast inbound call volumes for use in staffing models. A number above or below zero for this metric adversely impacts the call center in different ways. If the number of calls offered is well above the forecasted numbers, customer service levels will suffer (e.g., high Average Speed of Answer, Abandonment Rates; poor call quality due to overworked agents, etc.). If the number is well below forecasted levels, the call center will be overstaffed. Call volumes are typically forecasted at 30 minute intervals to appropriately staff the call center throughout the day.

KPI Definition

The difference between forecasted calls offered and the actual number of calls offered over the same period of time divided by the number of forecasted calls offered, as a percentage.

KPI Best Practices

  • Inbound calls forecasted at 30 minute intervals
  • Standard procedures for updating forecasted call volumes
  • Reliable call tracking systems to ensure accurate logging of call volumes

KPI Calculation Instructions Call Center Forecast Accuracy (Calls Offered)?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the forecasted number of inbound calls (i.e., forecasted calls offered) and (2) the actual number of inbound calls that came into the call center over a defined period of time. "Calls offered" should include all inbound customer calls, regardless of whether or not a live agent answered the phone to converse with the caller. Forecast accuracy may be measured at various intervals - bihourly, hourly, daily, weekly, etc. These frequencies should be analyzed separately to make staffing decisions and adjust related models.

KPI Formula :

((Actual Calls Offered - Forecasted Calls Offered) / Forecasted Calls Offered) * 100

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