Accounts per Collections Employee

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Accounts per Collections Employee

KPI Details

Accounts per Collections Employee measures the overall workload and productivity of the Collections Department (or a collections agency) on a per employee basis. A relatively high value for this KPI is preferred, as that would mean each Collections Department employee is handling a large number of delinquent accounts, minimizing overhead costs within the group. This, however, must be balanced with the quality and effectiveness of collections methods, as a workforce that is spread thin across several delinquent accounts may exhibit below average contact and recovery rates. Collections functions that exhibit both high productivity and effectiveness share certain common traits, including standard methods to assign and prioritize delinquent accounts, assignment of low-value administrative tasks to lower cost employees, automated dialing and follow-up methods, and clearly established metrics to assess collector performance.

KPI Definition

The total number of delinquent accounts managed by the Collections Department, or agency, divided by the total number of employees working in the Collections Department (includes administrative and support employees, as well as Collections agents and managers) at the same point in time.

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