Digital Marketing (Launch-to-Analytics) Cycle Time

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KPI Benchmarks : Digital Marketing (Launch-to-Analytics) Cycle Time

  • Benchmark Range 34-64
  • Benchmark Average 49
  • Benchmark Sample Size (n) 20

* Is High or Low Best: Lower is Better

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KPI Details : Digital Marketing (Launch-to-Analytics) Cycle Time

Digital Marketing (Launch-to-Analytics) Cycle Time measures the number of business days required to initiate and complete a digital marketing campaign, from the time that the campaign is launched until when the campaign data is prepared for post-campaign analysis. A relatively low value for this metric is typically related to a few common factors, including inefficient digital marketing processes (e.g., poor market and customer research, untimely reactions to trends or communications, etc.), long cycle times dedicated to preparing the campaign for launch, inefficient negotiations with advertising agencies, and sub-par digital marketing employee training and performance. Each of these factors can lead to delayed campaign launch, longer campaign cycle times, and inefficient use of the digital platforms available to the company which can result in untargeted digital marketing campaigns and inaccurate data analysis.

KPI Best Practices : Digital Marketing (Launch-to-Analytics) Cycle Time

  • Have clear goal in mind when developing campaign (increase sales, increase brand awareness, etc.)
  • Only choose advertising platforms that will most effectively help achieve your campaign goals
  • Observe what your competitors are doing and the platforms/strategies that are working for them

KPI Calculation Instructions Digital Marketing (Launch-to-Analytics) Cycle Time?

The calendar dates/times of two events are used to derive this KPI: (1) the time which the digital marketing campaign is launched, and (2) the date which the campaign data is prepared for post-campaign analysis. Include the date which the campaign was launched in all required digital marketing platforms (e.g., social media platforms, paid search ad platforms, display ad networks, etc.) in the numerator. Post-campaign analysis preparations should include the identifications of the strengths and points for improvement for the digital marketing campaign, including any recommendations and adjustments necessary to improve the return on investments and advertising results.

KPI Formula :

(Sum of Calendar Days Required to Initiate and Complete a Digital Marketing Campaign) / Total Number of Digital Marketing Campaigns Performed

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