Call Center Forecasting, Scheduling & Reporting

Workflow Template

Call Center Forecasting, Scheduling & Reporting

Workflow Template

This workflow template illustrates the forecasting and reporting of call volumes and subsequent scheduling of Call Center staff based on projected call volumes. Purchase and download this template in PDF, Visio and PowerPoint formats, and customize it to fit your organization, or use it to better understand Call Center Forecasting, Scheduling & Reporting.

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What is Call Center Forecasting, Scheduling & Reporting?

The Call Center Forecasting, Scheduling & Reporting process records call volumes and gathers employee-related data (this concerns productivity, headcount, scheduling, etc.) so as to predict future workload and ensure that the right number of employees are in the right place to handle it (i.e., if a large number of calls is predicted to be received on the afternoon of a particular day, more employees will be scheduled to work that afternoon on that particular day). This process includes data collection and entry, call volume forecasting, service level adjustments and employee scheduling.

Download a Sample Call Center Forecasting, Scheduling & Reporting

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