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KPI Benchmarks : Schedule Adherence

  • Benchmark Range
  • Benchmark Average 92.4%
  • Benchmark Sample Size (n) 118

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KPI Details : Schedule Adherence

Call Center Schedule Adherence measures a call center's discipline in following defined schedules over a certain period of time. For example, call center representatives may be required to be performing work-related tasks (calls, training, etc.) for a certain period of the day. So, if Schedule Adherence falls below a certain threshold set by the organization, an analysis must be conducted to analyze how representatives and other employees are using their time, and to look for areas where low-value activity can be eliminated or reduced.

KPI Best Practices : Schedule Adherence

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KPI Calculation Instructions Schedule Adherence?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the amount of time that call center representatives (a group of representatives, or a single representative) are performing core work related tasks, and (2) the total amount of time that the representative(s) are scheduled for work over the same time period, expressed as a percentage. Core work-related tasks are considered on-phone time, after-call work, time representatives are in the queue available to accept calls, and other development tasks such as training/coaching, approved meetings, etc. Non-core tasks are considered breaks, non-approved meetings, personal emails, etc.

KPI Formula :

(Amount of Time Representatives are Performing Core Work-Related Tasks / Total Scheduled Work Time) * 100

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