Schedule Adherence

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Schedule Adherence

KPI Details

Call Center Schedule Adherence measures a call center's discipline in following defined schedules over a certain period of time. For example, call center representatives may be required to be performing work-related tasks (calls, training, etc.) for a certain period of the day. So, if Schedule Adherence falls below a certain threshold set by the organization, an analysis must be conducted to analyze how representatives and other employees are using their time, and to look for areas where low-value activity can be eliminated or reduced.

KPI Definition

The amount of time that call center representatives spend handling calls, available to handle calls (i.e., in the call queue) or performing other work-related tasks (e.g., training, coaching, approved meetings, etc.) as a percentage of total scheduled work time over the same period of time.

KPI Calculation Instructions Schedule Adherence?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the amount of time that call center representatives (a group of representatives, or a single representative) are performing core work related tasks, and (2) the total amount of time that the representative(s) are scheduled for work over the same time period, expressed as a percentage. Core work-related tasks are considered on-phone time, after-call work, time representatives are in the queue available to accept calls, and other development tasks such as training/coaching, approved meetings, etc. Non-core tasks are considered breaks, non-approved meetings, personal emails, etc.

KPI Formula :

(Amount of Time Representatives are Performing Core Work-Related Tasks / Total Scheduled Work Time) * 100

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