Call Center Span of Control

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Call Center Span of Control

KPI Details

Call Center Span of Control, or Management Span, measures the number of employees reporting to each manager (i.e., direct reports) within the call center. A low span of control typically indicates that certain management positions may be candidates for elimination, which in turn would reduce total labor costs for the organization. A span of control that is higher than desired may indicate that managers are spread thin and unable to properly oversee, develop and assist their direct reports.

KPI Definition

The average number of call center representatives and front-line staff members (i.e., non-management employees) reporting to each individual call center manager. This metric should be segmented by region/office location and/or team to provide a more granular analysis.

KPI Best Practices

  • Standardize and simplify work tasks to require less supervision
  • Self-motivated employees that hold themselves and other team members accountable
  • Regular and effective communications between managers and employee

KPI Calculation Instructions Call Center Span of Control?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the number of non-manager call center employees (e.g., representatives, agents, support staff, etc.), and (2) the number of call center managers working for the organization at the same point in time. Include all employees with management job titles and pay grades in the denominator for this calculation, regardless of how many direct reports they have - in many cases, employees with "manager" job titles may have no direct reports. Directors, Vice Presidents and call center employees with other similar job titles are typically counted as managers for this calculation.

KPI Formula :

(Total Number of Non-Manager Call Center Employees / Number of Call Center Managers)

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