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Let us help you launch your business into the future with our business process documentation and digitization support services.

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Your Problem

Your company is digitizing processes, but business unit requirements are undocumented. IT and business units don’t speak the same language. You need a common starting point.

How we can help

We map your current workflow, documenting employee work activities, how systems are used and how data flows. This is the raw material for your digitization blueprint.

get started

Contact us to discuss your digitization efforts. We can quickly scope a project to document your current processes and define business requirements to support your IT team.

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What is your organization digitizing? Our experts are ready to help.

How it Works: digitization & mapping Support


define scope

We will work with you to understand the scope and overall goals of your digitization project(s).


Map processes

We then observe your business processes to build a detailed picture of your current state.


Map systems & data

We will document how systems are used and how employees move data throughout the workflow.


Provide documentation

We will provide detailed business process and requirements planning documentation.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost?

Our combination of on-site and off-site mapping services start at $3,500 and depends on which processes are being mapped and analyzed. Contact us for a quote.

How long do these projects take?

Small projects can take as little as 1-2 weeks. Projects spanning multiple processes, locations and/or departments can take 4-6 weeks to finish up. If you need to go faster, we can devote more resources to your project and adjust the pricing accordingly.

Do you have experience in my Industry?

Our process mapping experts have years of experience mapping processes for Fortune 1,000 and many smaller companies across most industries and functions, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, energy, contact centers, and many more.

what format do my process maps come in?

We typically deliver process maps in Visio and PDF formats. Our map experts are familiar with BPMN and other mapping standards. Supporting process documentation is delivered in a presentation-ready PDF document. Upon request, we can deliver supporting documentation in PowerPoint format.

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Email: info@opsdog.com
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Need help?
Call: 844-650-2888
Email: info@opsdog.com
Need help?
Call: 844-650-2888
Email: info@opsdog.com
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