Deposit Accounts per Branch

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Deposit Accounts per Branch

KPI Details

Deposit Accounts per Branch measures the total number of deposit accounts managed by the bank divided by the number of retail branch locations managed by the bank at the same point in time. A relatively low value for this metric is typically related to a few common factors, including untargeted marketing and advertising campaigns concerning the bank’s service and product offerings, disinterest by potential customers to deposit their money in certain banks or bank branches, general inefficiencies in deposit account management processes (e.g., lack of clear instructions to customers on what is needed to open a deposit account, an overabundance of customer contacts due to incorrect or missing information/documentation, untimely deposit account statement generations, etc.), and sub-par retail branch banking employee training and performance. Each of these factors can not only frustrate the bank’s current deposit account owners and increase customer attrition, but such factors can also dissuade potential customers from opening one or more deposit accounts with the bank or bank branch.

KPI Definition

The total number of new deposit accounts managed divided by the number of retail branch banking locations managed by the bank.

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