Production Attainment

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Production Attainment

KPI Details

Production Attainment measures the degree to which the Manufacturing function is capable of reaching its targeted production output. A manufacturing plant's attainment rate can be negatively impacted by poorly maintained factory equipment, high defect rates, ineffective demand planning or poor utilization of plant resources. A low value for this KPI will also lead to higher costs per unit produced, due to the fact that the factories' machines are not making the most of their production runs (which take time and money to set up). Factories that are consistently low performers for this KPI may want to periodically review why expected attainment levels are not being achieved (e.g., production audits, equipment inspections, etc.). Significant improvement in Production Attainment Rate can help reduce cost per unit, shorten order cycle times and, as a result, improve customer satisfaction.

KPI Definition

The number of units manufactured by the company (on an assembly line, the manufacturing floor, etc.) divided by target production output over a certain period of time, as a percentage.

KPI Best Practices

  • Preventative maintenance performed regularly on manufacturing equipment
  • Efficient production run setup cycle times
  • Low defect rates for production output

KPI Calculation Instructions Production Attainment?

Two values are used to calculate this KPI: (1) the actual output that the Manufacturing function produces (in units), and (2) the targeted output that the Manufacturing function is set to produce (in units) during the measurement period. The measurement of this KPI can be segmented by company, product, factory, etc. Do not include defective or reworked units produced in the numerator of this calculation. Target output is defined as the number of units that management plans to produce during the measurement period based on demand, historical data, etc.

KPI Formula :

(Actual Production Output in Units / Target Production Output in Units) *100

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