Lead Generation & Research

Workflow Template

Lead Generation & Research

Workflow Template

This workflow template illustrates the targeting and generation of potential sales prospect(s), or leads. Purchase and download this template in PDF and Visio (VSD) formats. You can customize it to fit your own organization, or simply use it to better understand Lead Generation & Research processes.

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What is Lead Generation & Research?

The Lead Generation & Research process involves the targeting and generation of potential sales prospect(s), or leads. This process includes the initial development of a targeting strategy (ensure that managers are notified of the strategy once available), targeting strategy review and adjustments (if necessary), the initial list generation of targets to research (targets are based on strategic areas, such as job position, geography, etc.), sales target list review and adjustments and the performance of all additional research. Once all research has been made on the approved list of sales targets, sales representatives are assigned leads to go after according to the sector they are working, their tenure, etc.

Download a Sample Lead Generation & Research

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