Management Dashboards & Metrics

We provide metric definitions and customized management dashboards to help you track the right metrics in an easy-to-update format.

Your Problem

You want to evaluate performance in your department but aren’t sure what to measure and how to track it. We help you select, define and visually track the metrics that matter.

How we can help

Our analysts will establish and document metric definitions, then create an easy-to-update dashboard telling you everything you need to know to manage your business.

get started

Contact us to determine what department or function you would like to measure. Our analysts will get to work defining metrics and creating your management dashboard.

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What do you need to measure? Our analysts are ready to help.

How it Works: Management Dashboards & Metrics


define scope

We will chat with you to determine the departments or lines of business you want to track.


Define metrics

We then list and define the metrics that you should be tracking to monitor performance.


Build dashboard

We will build a management dashboard for you containing relevant metrics and charts.


deliver tools

We will send the metric definition list and dashboard to you and train you on using them.

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost?

Off-the-shelf metric definitions and dashboards start at $5,000. Prices increase from there based upon the number of dashboards to be developed and desired complexity of the dashboard. Contact us for a quote.

How long does it take to get my dashboard?

Off-the-shelf metric definition lists and dashboards can take as little as 2 days to receive. Proejcts that require extra customization or research require 3-10 business days to complete depending on the level of customization required and the scope of the measurements.

Do you have experience in my Industry?

Our data experts have hands-on experience crafting dashboards and defining metrics across a wide range of industries and functions, including finance, banking, manufacturing, insurance, human resources, contact centers and much more.

what format do my management tools come in?

We typically deliver dashboards in Excel and metric definitions in PDF format. Prior to starting the project, we will determine which version of Excel you are using to ensure compatability. We can also build dashboards in a data visualization application, such as Tableau. Metric definitions can also be delivered in PowerPoint format.

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Need help?
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