Materials Management Organization Structure

The Organizational Design of a Materials Management Function: Definitions, Roles & Responsibilities

Materials Management Organization Chart

Materials Management Organizational Structure Outline

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Materials Management Organization Chart Template

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Materials Management

Materials Management groups handle all aspects of the flow of materials from supplier to production. The primary purpose of the group, in short, is to arrange for necessary materials to be at the right place at the right time. A major part of that equation is to work toward the lowest possible cost of transport when moving materials from place to place, typically from a supplier or warehouse to a manufacturing or production facility.

Common Materials Management job titles: EVP/SVP of Materials Management, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Inventory Management & Control

The Inventory Management & Control function is responsible for the efficient storage and monitoring of inventory in company warehouses and storage facilities. Through communications with the Forecasting and Purchasing or Procurement groups, they set levels at which to purchase additional volumes of each item (and notify the appropriate parties when those levels are reached, usually in an automated manner). They also control the quality of storage methods and ensure that incoming and outgoing items meet the necessary standards. This is especially important in industries with tight regulation, such as food production and processing, chemicals and oil and gas.

Common Inventory Management & Control job titles: Materials Management Clerk, Supply Technician, Inventory Management Specialist

Quality Control

he Quality Control (sometimes called Quality Assurance) function examines products and materials for defects or deviations from specifications. They record the results of their inspections through test reports and help to analyze and correct production problems. Quality-related information on order shipments from suppliers can also help to assess supplier performance (see Vendor Compliance & Audit).

Common Quality Control job titles: Quality Control Inspector, Material Inspector, Quality Assurance Specialist


The Receiving function is responsible for ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of goods/materials purchased from suppliers. They work with vendors to facilitate delivery, manage incoming distribution channels and assure the quality of inbound good or materials.

Common Receiving job titles: Logistics Analyst, Logistician, Receiving Specialist