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Companies use advertising to impact their target audience's behavior and opinion, through persuasion and promotion, in buying various products or services. The structure and use of advertising varies considerably from industry-to-industry. Many large organizations outsource their advertising operations to third-party ad agencies. Other companies may perform advertising activities in-house, either in-whole or partially. Activities carried out within a typical advertising function, or agency, include audience research, competitor research, ad design and production, content development, media buying and ad performance analysis and reporting.

Common Advertising job titles: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), EVP/SVP of Advertising, Director of Advertising

Creative Services (Campaign Design & Development)

The Creative Services function develops themes or concepts for an advertising campaign based on the requirements of the client. On this team, artists, graphic designers, copywriters and editors develop an ad or series of ads to be distributed through the appropriate channels and submit their work for final production.

Common Creative Services (Campaign Design & Development) job titles: Creative Director, Strategic Planning Director, Chief Creative Officer


The Copywriting team writes text (stories, slogans, commercial scripts, taglines, print ads, etc.) for the purpose of influencing the client's customers to purchase the product/service that they are advertising. They are also responsible for technical edits to any text that is going to be used in advertisements.

Common Copywriting job titles: Copywriter, Editor, Technical Writer, Content Writer


The Production team is tasked with developing and editing the visual (and sometimes sound) design of the agency's advertisements. This includes producing images for print ads, film editing and mixing for video ads, and sound production/editing. This team also influences the creative direction of the ads through their artistic expertise.

Common Production job titles: Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Video Editor, Photographer

Web Design & Development

The Web Design & Development team develops and implements the online/digital advertising strategy for the agency's clients. Their responsibilities include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per click ad placement, paid search and managing the client's online brand and reputation. This group also develops websites or applications for the client and ensures that the online presence of the client aligns with their advertising goals and their customers' expectations.

Common Web Design & Development job titles: Web Developer, User Experience Designer, SEO Analyst, Digital Advertising Specialist

Campaign Management

The Campaign Management function is responsible for the planning, coordination, and monitoring of advertising campaigns. Campaign Management's responsibilities include identifying target markets, measuring campaign performance and working closely with the other teams such as Creative Services and Research & Analysis to ensure that campaign goals and deadlines are being met.

Common Campaign Management job titles: Ad Campaign Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Promotional Specialist

Research & Analysis

The Research & Analysis function gathers data and develops insights about an advertisement or an advertising campaign before, during, and after the implementation of the advertising campaign. This group is responsible for collecting feedback from consumers about the effectiveness of an ad campaign through surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc. The Research & Analysis team also tracks changes in brand awareness throughout a campaign and uses customer perceptions to apply changes to future campaigns.

Common Research & Analysis job titles: Research Assistant, Research Analyst, Research Specialist, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Marketing Analyst, Market Researcher

Media Buying

The Media Buying Department is involved with the planning, negotiating and purchasing of ad spots across various media channels. This department must determine the optimal advertising expense allocated to different channels based on target audience, the product/service being advertised, etc. Effective Media Buying groups also maintain good relationships with media owners and can effectively negotiate pricing for advertising spots.

Common Media Buying job titles: Media Planner, Media Buyer, Media Supervisor

Account Development & Management

The Account Development & Management function prospects and acquires new clients for the agency in addition to managing relationships with existing clients. This group also acts as the intermediary between the client and the agency, ensuring that the client's advertising goals and requirements are clearly communicated to the creative team and campaign managers. This function also typically pitches the agency's campaign ideas to the client.

Common Account Development & Management job titles: Account Executive, Account Manager, Client Manager, Account Supervisor, Business Development Manager