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The Organizational Design of a Manufacturing Company: Definitions, Roles & Responsibilities

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Manufacturing & Production

Manufacturing & Production (also known as just Manufacturing, Production or Assembly) refers to the processes and methods used to turn inputs - whether raw materials, partially finished goods or information (data) - into finished goods and/or services.

Common Manufacturing & Production job titles: Chief Operating Officer, EVP/SVP of Operations, Production Supervisor, Production Manager

Facility Management

The facility management function is responsible for regulating the quality, safety and cost of facilities used in the manufacturing of goods or products. They work to improve facility quality and mitigate safety-related and regulatory risks. They are responsible for facility security, worker safety, routine facility maintenance, facility climate control, utilities cost, efficient production floor space usage and layout, and other environmental factors.

Common Facility Management job titles: Maintenance Technician, Facility Technician

Manufacturing & Assembly

The manufacturing and assembly function is responsible for the creation of finished goods and/or products. Manufacturing methods depend on the product being created, corporate strategy and consumer demand. Possible production methods include just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing, lean manufacturing, rapid manufacturing, agile manufacturing or mass-customization.

Common Manufacturing & Assembly job titles: EManufacturing Technician/Operator, Assembler, Production Associate/Team Member

Manufacturing Engineering

The manufacturing engineering function designs and develops systems (software applications, processes, work methods, etc.) used during the manufacturing process. They also coordinate preventative maintenance and develop equipment repair procedures to minimize delays in the production, and ensure that the manufacturing process and machinery are in compliance with customer expectations and industry standards.

Common Manufacturing Engineering job titles: Manufacturing Engineer, Industrial Engineer

Production Planning

The production planning group is responsible for preparing a production schedule and ensuring that all of the prerequisites for manufacturing and production are met in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Prerequisites could include raw materials, parts or components, staff, production floor space and equipment. The production planning function works closely with (and may overlap) the procurement and materials management groups to facilitate efficient production scheduling and execution.

Common Production Planning job titles: Production Planner, Production Assistant

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance function is tasked with examining products and materials (before, during and after production) for defects or deviations from specifications. They record the results of their inspections in test reports and help to analyze and correct problems in the production process.

Common Quality Assurance job titles: Quality Control Inspector, Mechanical Inspector, Quality Assurance Specialist