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The Marketing Department is responsible for improving a firm's effectiveness in selling its products or services by identifying consumer needs and, based on those needs, developing, publicizing, communicating and selling their products/services consumers. Marketing Departments incorporate such activities as customer and market research, brand management, advertising, branding, vendor alliances and sales promotions to attract and retain customers. Marketing is said to address the "four P's": product, price, place and promotion.

Common Marketing job titles: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), EVP/SVP of Marketing, Chief Brand Officer

Branding & Strategy

The Marketing Branding and Strategy Group oversees brand strategy and monitors all marketing-related communications across all media (TV, radio, print, social media, etc.) to ensure that a consistent look, feel and overall message for a certain product or service is being conveyed. Branding and Strategy managers/directors work with executive leadership to position a product or service and develop creative marketing strategies that can be turned into effective campaigns and programs.

Common Branding & Strategy job titles: Creative Strategist, Brand Marketing Strategist, Brand Ambassador

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Team members work with industry subject matter experts (SMEs) and marketing managers to develop, organize and distribute marketing content. They work to enhance the credibility of the company and develop sales leads by generating high quality industry-related content (articles, blogs, infographics, white papers, industry reports, etc.) that can be distributed in print or through the web. This content is designed to position the brand as a subject matter expert in a field, industry or domain, in hopes of converting the consumers of the content into paying customers. A large-scale Content Marketing Team would include copywriters, technical writers, editors, data analysts/researchers, graphic designers and content strategists/managers.

Common Content Marketing job titles: Marketing Analyst, Graphic Designer, Marketing Copywriter, Marketing Specialist, Content Strategist

Market Research & Analysis

The Marketing Research Group is responsible for linking the needs and problems of the consumer with the marketing strategy of the company and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activities. They use data collected from several resources (online, sales data, CRMs, focus groups, surveys, etc.) to provide both quantitative and qualitative reports and insights to marketing teams. Common activities performed by the marketing research and analysis team include web analytics reporting, target market research, consumer persona creation and competitor analysis. High quality marketing research and analysis involves the implementation of a systematic, repeatable, data-heavy approach to measuring, tweaking and optimizing marketing activities.

Common Market Research & Analysis job titles: Marketing Intelligence Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Business Analyst

Product Management

The Product Management Group oversees the development of new products and drives marketing strategy, branding, profit/revenue goals, product adjustments and market positioning across a company's line of products. Product managers work closely with several areas, including marketing, engineering (in some cases), product development, research and sales, to maximize product revenue, market share and profit margin. They are responsible for managing products throughout their lifecycle and ensuring that the necessary adjustments are made to meet the goals established by company management.

Common Product Management job titles: Product Marketing Manager, Product Leader, Associate Product Manager

Programs & Campaigns

Marketing Programs and Campaigns team members work with the marketing communications and market research teams to develop, launch and monitor company marketing initiatives. These initiatives use an array of media (radio, TV, print, web or any combination of those) to communicate the company's service offering to customers and align with corporate goals and overall company strategy. Spending on traditional forms of marketing and advertising, such as TV, radio and print media, is being outpaced by web-based and in-app offerings. During the third quarter of 2014, viewership of traditional cable television dropped 4%, while online streaming saw a 60% rise (sources: Wall Street Journal, Nielsen).

Common Programs & Campaigns job titles: Campaign Manager, Marketing Program Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to marketing and advertising activities that make use of modern day digital media. This category includes SEO, social media, paid search ads, display ad networks and online video ads. Digital marketing team members work with program and campaign managers to upgrade the company's online presence and implement marketing initiatives related to these channels. As the use of digital media grows, so too does the size and responsibility of digital marketing teams.

Common Digital Marketing job titles: Social Media Manager, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing refers to marketing and advertising activities that do not require an intermediary channel (such as a social media website, television or radio) to connect with the consumer. This category includes email, direct mail, telephone and text messages. Direct Marketing team members develop email campaigns, perform telemarketing and configure direct mailing campaigns to reach potential customers.

Common Direct Marketing job titles: Email Marketing Specialist, Telemarketer, Direct Marketing Specialist

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing refers to marketing and advertising activities that make us of "traditional" channels. This category includes television (syndicated, broadcast, cable), radio, print (magazines, newspapers) and outside advertising (billboards). Traditional Marketing teams work with media providers (TV/radio networks, etc.) to purchase air time, develop advertising materials, or spots, and manage ongoing relationships with media outlets.

Common Traditional Marketing job titles: Marketing Analyst, Marketing Specialist

Public Relations (PR)

The Public Relations Group manages contact between the company and any public outlet. They aim to control the public perception of the company and its product offerings. They will often speak at public events, coordinate with the local or national media and provide internal communications to employees regarding certain events or initiatives.

Common Public Relations (PR) job titles: Public Relations Representative, Public Relations Specialist