Order Management Organization Structure

The Organizational Design of an Order Management Function : Definitions, Roles & Responsibilities

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Order Management Organization Chart Template

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Order Management

The Order Management function is responsible for collecting, validating and submitting (many times, entering it into an Order Management or ERP system) all of the information required to accurately fulfill a customer order. The Order Management function is a bridge between the Sales, Production and Distribution functions of a company. It mediates between the supply or push of production and the demand or pull of consumption. A successful customer order requires coordination between markting, sales, pricing and quotation, inventory tracking, production, packaging and shipping groups.

Common Order Management job titles: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Order Processing

The Order Processing function is the first step in the order-to-cash process. Orders are received through a variety of channels, including phone, fax, online (eCommerce), email or face-to-face (a dying channel). The Order Collection and Entry function is responsible for accurately collecting and recording customer order information and then passing it off to the production, packaging and shipping groups.

Common Order Processing job titles: Order Entry Clerk, Customer Service Representative, Order Fulfillment Specialist

Return Processing

The Return Processing function ensures that returned products are processed efficiently and stocked for use later (applies only to undamaged products). Their common tasks include receipt of the product, sorting, processing, analyzing the return and support operations (product repairs). They work with the Customer Service and Finance departments to approve credit issued for returned products.

Common Return Processing job titles: Returns Specialist, Return Support Specialist, Returns Clerk