Advertising Group Organization Structure

Advertising Group Organizational Structure Outline

  • Advertising

    Companies use advertising to affect the target audience’s behavior and opinion, through persuasion and promotion, in buying the seller’s product or service. Many companies also use advertising to build brand recognition and trust with the consumer. In 2012, companies in the United States spent more than $140 billion on advertising, up 3% from 2011 (Source: Kantar Media).
    Who is in charge? Chief Executive Officer (CEO), EVP/SVP of Advertising, Director of Advertising
  • Audience Research
    The audience research function is responsible for defining and segmenting the target audience for an advertisement or marketing campaign. They use data from social media networks, online surveys, focus groups and industry reports to steer the design, placement and success criteria of the campaign.
    Common Audience Research job titles: Research Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Research Manager/Director, Market Researcher, User Experience Researcher
  • Agency Business Development
    The agency business development function is responsible for sales promotions, ad sales, and managing client retainers. This includes activities such as attracting and onboarding new client accounts, ongoing client communications, client reporting, and billing for services rendered.
    Common Agency Business Development job titles: Regional Promotion Manager, Promotional Specialist, Promotional Pricing Specialist, Promotion Analyst, Account Manager, Account Specialist
  • Branding & Strategy
    The branding and strategy function is responsible for the analysis and development of techniques that increase the proceived value of a brand or product in the market. This includes elements of the product itself (the look, price, packaging and so forth) as well as the experience and relationship the consumer has with the brand.
    Common Branding & Strategy job titles: Corporate Communications Specialist, Marketing Director, Campaign Manager, Media Planner
  • Digital Advertising
    The digital advertising function is responsible for developing and implementing strategy as it relates to digital advertising services such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click platforms, paid search and digital reputation management. Many times, digital advertising may also involve developing websites or applications for companies, products and/or brands.
    Common Digital Advertising job titles: Web Developer, User Experience Designer, Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Specialist, SEO Manager, SEO Analyst, Digital Advertising Specialist, Digital Reputation Management Specialist
  • Production & Design
    The production and design group composes and creates the copy, content, visual design and overall theme of an advertisement based on specifications from management (or in some cases an external client). The parties involved will differ based on the type of ad that is being composed (print/web/video/social media). This includes the production and design teams, as well as the copywriting team.
    Common Production & Design job titles: Graphic Designer, Designer, Video Editor, Photographer, Copywriter, Creative Director, Editor, Art Director

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