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A Guide to Understanding Commercial Bank Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Businesses large and small often turn to commercial banks to fund their capital needs, help them manage cash flow, and provide access to basic financial products such as checking and savings accounts and certificates of deposit. While commercial banks handle a wide range of business needs, their bread and butter are typically making commercial loans and one of the best ways to boost the performance of lenders is by tracking commercial bank key performance indicators. What are Commercial Banking Key Performance Indicators? Although they are both depository institutions, retail banks…

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Common Performance Metrics to Measure Loan Employee Productivity

Once the loan officer closes the deal—whether it’s a residential mortgage for a first-time home buyer, a commercial real estate loan for a sophisticated investor, or an automobile loan for a long-time customer—loan employees usher the loan from origination to closing and servicing. The productively and efficiency of these employees makes a big difference in both lender profitability and borrower happiness. One of the best ways to increase the proficiency of loan officers is through the use of loan employee performance metrics. What are Loan Employee Performance Metrics? Loan employees…

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Top 5 Investment Management Key Performance Indicators for Financial Institutions

Many financial institutions have investment management divisions that earn commissions on the client assets they manage. While investment management can be a lucrative source of revenue and supplemental profits, you’ll need to keep investment management operational costs as low as possible to weather market volatility that can impact portfolio values. One of the best ways to do this is by tracking Investment Management Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. Why Offer Investment Management? The investment management division of financial institutions often functions as a full-service brokerage, buying and selling assets such…

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Mortgage Loan Officer Key Performance Metrics to Optimize the Borrower Experience

The launch of Rocket Mortgage from Quicken Loans put traditional mortgage lenders on notice: If you want to compete, you better provide borrowers with faster lending decisions and a streamlined application process. As a result, lenders are feeling the pressure to improve the borrower experience. One of the best ways to do just that is to dive into the world of mortgage loan officer key performance metrics. Learning how to harness the power behind key performance indicators (KPIs) can build stronger mortgage loan officers that in turn provide a better…

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A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Loan Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

New digital lenders are seriously disrupting the mortgage and consumer lending industries. These lenders are lean and mean—and they deliver great rates and excellent customer service to borrowers. In order to compete, lenders need to up their game and make their lending process—whether online or offline—as efficient and cost-effective as possible. How can you do that? Learn how to make key performance indicators for loans work for your financial institution. What are Key Performance Indicators for Loans? Key performance indicators (KPIs) for loans can be defined as metrics or measurements…

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