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Key Performance Indicators for Commercial Banks

What is Commercial Banking, or Commercial Lending? Commercial Lending is defined as the process of loaning money to businesses by banks or other financial services institutions. The process is much different than a loan made by commercial banks to individual consumers and is typically much more complex. Commercial loans can help businesses with mortgages for commercial real estate, short-term funding to float payroll, or even renewed indefinitely as a revolving line of credit based on incoming revenue. Most commercial loans are secured credit facilities backed up by collateral such as…

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KPI Report 101 - A Guide with Definitions, Examples, Formats, and Presentation Tips

KPI reports have become pivotal to managing businesses of many different types. If not quite as old as old as business itself, (performance measurement can be traced back to the 1494 published work of Italian accountant Luca Pacioli), what is universally known as ‘the bottom line’ can be taken as being the original key performance indicator. Even if a business can absorb a series of negative financial performance results, over time, practically every business prospers or folds based on the bottom line. With systems for a variety of strategic and…

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A List of the Top 35 Key Risk Indicators for Banks

Banks today face an ever-changing landscape, challenges arise in multiple areas and a risk in one area can easily impact another. According to ABA Banking Journal the security and cyber risks remain at the top of the risk lists in most banks. No matter the size of the a financial institution there is always a cybersecurity risk to consider, banks must monitor technology upgrades to ensure that criminals can’t target vulnerabilities in the system. There are other risks to consider aside from the threat of ransomware and other cyber criminals.…

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Healthcare Analytics – A Guide with Use Cases, Case Studies, Examples and more..

What is healthcare analytics? Healthcare analytics is defined as quantitative and qualitative processes that are used to enhance healthcare productivity through desktop, server or cloud-based applications that store and categorize data to draw conclusions through the patterns that emerge. The data analyzed can be historical, old records already in the company, or new information that is being processed from internal or external sources. Using data analysis within the healthcare industry can increase revenue, improve efficiency within the business, optimize customer service, and plan ahead to outpace competitors in the marketplace.…

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Banking Analytics: A Complete How-to Guide with Use Cases, Case Studies + more

You’ve likely heard about implementing advanced analytics in the banking industry: As a collection of strategies, technologies and measurements, it can help you analyze vast swaths of data. This guide will help you to understand just what banking analytics is, and how it applies to your operations. It will give you useful definitions. It will describe the numerous advantages and unique benefits that advanced analytics implementation brings to the banking industry. It will show you how to derive operational benefits from analytics in banking. It will discuss key performance indicators…

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