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The top three benefits of business intelligence in banking

The benefits of business intelligence in banking are many. We’re talking amped-up operational improvement, cost cutting, and a transformative customer experience. Business intelligence, or BI, lets you harness heavy-duty analytical concepts. It lets you slice and dice data. And it lets you do all this on an unprecedented scale. It gets even better. Once you have a BI-empowered handle on all this data, you can transform your bank from the front line all the way up the enterprise. You can make life better for internal and external customers alike. All…

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How to cut costs and increase standardization—thanks to business intelligence in banking

We see it all too often. Banks struggle with—“drown in”?—messy data. They struggle to deal with it. So, they throw Excel sheet after Excel sheet at the problem. Why? They want to report as much as they can. And they miss the importance of business intelligence in banking. Does this help? Does it solve the problem? Of course it doesn’t! You knew that. But it still happens. It leads to long hours. High costs. Lots of people working on lots of reports—all of questionable value. How, then, do you solve…

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Implementing Business Intelligence in the Banking Industry

Sometimes we get asked some strange questions, like “What is OpsDog?” To which we always reply, “Not much, what’s up with you?” When you get set up for a shot like that, you have to take it. For the most part though, we get asked more interesting questions, like “How can one move forward with implementing business intelligence in banking?” We like those kinds of questions, because we can get down to brass tacks and explore some of the concrete realities of implementing business intelligence in the banking industry. In…

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The Role of Business Intelligence in Banking

If there’s one thing banks have a lot of currently, it’s data. Not just the kinds of data you might be familiar with, but data across a wide variety of sources and systems, from ATMs to traditional credit processing parts of the business. You might think that all this data means every bank is ready to implement business intelligence in banking, but there’s more to this than meets the eye. The fact of the matter is, yes banks have a lot of data available, but though they might have quantity,…

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5 Key Performance Indicators for Banks to Benchmark Influenced by the Early History of the Banking Industry

Though an old institution to be sure, banking, in the modern sense of the word, can be traced to medieval and early Renaissance Italy. The increased economic activity of the Middle Ages allowed money changers and merchant bankers to rise in stature and power in the city states of Florence, Venice and Genoa.

Let’s take a moment to look at a few Key Performance Indicator examples for the banking industry you should add to your benchmarking and business intelligence efforts, taken with a historical perspective.

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