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A Guide to Benchmarking: Measure, Compare, Improve

Measure, Compare, Improve

A Primer on Comparing Business Performance

How is your company performing? Good? Bad? How, exactly, would you find out for sure?

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your company to others.

Our series of articles on the practice of business benchmarking hits 4 important points:

  1. What is benchmarking and what are the different “flavors” of competitive analysis? What has benchmarking done for other companies? Read more >
  2. What’s the true purpose of benchmarking a company? What benefits are out there? Read more >
  3. Ok, but where should I start? What steps can I take to benchmark my company (or any company)? Read more >
  4. Now that I know how my performance stacks up, what do I need to do to actually make the required improvements? Let’s close the gap! Read more >

Benchmarking is key to understanding a company’s position in the marketplace – read up to learn how to measure, compare and improve!

Article Series: A Guide to Benchmarking

Measure, Compare, Improve
  1. 1. What is Competitive Benchmarking in Business
  2. 2. What Competitive Benchmarking Projects Do and Examples of Benchmarking Analysis Best Practices
  3. 3. Benchmarking Analysis Project: How to Scope the Project, Define Benchmarks, Compile Benchmark Data and Present Analysis
  4. 4. The Benefits of Benchmarking Analysis and How a Competitive Benchmarking Project Can Improve Your Business

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