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Benchmarking Analysis Project: How to Scope the Project, Define Benchmarks, Compile Benchmark Data and Present Analysis

If you’ve read our first two Benchmarking 101 articles, then you 1) know what competitive benchmarking is, and 2) you know a few competitive benchmarking best practices to follow.

In this article, we’re going to give you a handy step-by-step guide for performing a competitive benchmarking analysis on your business (or any business). Let's get started!

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What Competitive Benchmarking Projects Do and Examples of Benchmarking Analysis Best Practices

In our last article, we defined what competitive benchmarking in business is and even provided you with a few examples of benchmarking analysis to boot. this article, however, will look into what competitive benchmarking projects actually do, and a few examples of benchmarking best practices to help you get started on your own benchmarking analysis. Just as we’d posted an article showing that KPIs aren’t a magic bullet, neither is benchmarking. It’s a tool in your kit. Use it properly, and it can yield great results.

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