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Electric Utility Benchmarking—Performance Metrics Competitively Measured

The utility marketplace is changing, offering opportunities for customers to alter the way they consume resources, such as water, gas and electricity. The electric power industry has been especially affected by this shift in consumption. The advent of new choices, such as solar panels, home batteries and smart appliances, have changed how consumers manage electricity consumption in their homes and businesses.

Let's take a look at 4 Key Performance Indicators for electric utility companies that managers should be measuring to stay on top of costs so that funds can be allocated to meet market demands.

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4 Key Performance Indicators Logistics Companies Must Benchmark to Improve Operational Business Intelligence, Reduce Cost and Improve Customer Satisfaction

From the company’s warehouses to the customer’s front door, there are numerous logistics performance indicators, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you must measure to benchmark where you stand against competitors and what you can change to bring a positive boost to customer satisfaction ratings and keep overhead costs in check.

Below are 4 logistics key performance indicators that logistics managers should be measuring to ensure they too can exceed customer expectations and boost satisfaction in all areas.

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4 Insurance Claims Metrics to Measure and Benchmark Claims Department Processes

Besides determining the best ways to sell insurance policies to customers and ensuring that policy applications are processed in a timely manner, insurance companies must focus their benchmarking, business intelligence and operational reporting efforts on claims processing metrics, or their loss ratio will continuously rise. Here are 4 examples of insurance claim metrics and KPIs that every insurance company should be tracking to improve the efficiency of the insurance claim process.

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5 Best HR Metrics and Human Resources Key Performance Indicators Examples

Everyone has a different definition of success. This is certainly true in the world of business as accurately judging performance can be tricky. Take the Human Resources (HR) Department, for instance. The HR Department plays a vital role in setting the company up for success, but does not contribute to the bottom line directly. So how can you measure success in HR? Take a look at these five ‘layers’ of performance, and the corresponding Key Performance Indicator examples, to provide you with a holistic, top-down view of Human Resources Department operations.

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How to Measure Call Center Performance – A Step-by-Step Guide

Business performance assessment and management is a daunting task that managers face on a daily basis. How are my employees performing? Are we improving the customer experience? Where can we improve?

These questions can be tough to answer, especially for a small or medium-sized company that can’t afford business intelligence applications with all of the bells and whistles or the luxury of bringing in a consulting firm to improve their operations.

This article will describe the basics of analyzing and benchmarking the performance of a Call Center, or Contact Center.

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