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What is the Financial Close Process and What Does 'Breaking Bad' Have to Do with It?

This article will walk you through the basics of the Financial Close process, also known as the Month-End Closing process, Finance Statement Close process, Accounting Close process or the Financial Reporting process. All of these terms mean the same thing: at the end of the month, quarter and year you count how much money the business made, what it spent and what the bottom line is. The process always consists of the same inputs and outputs no matter what you sell.

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5 Accounts Payable Metrics to Track and Benchmark Performance

The Accounts Payable Department manages and pays the bills of a company. From processing incoming invoices, and ensuring that all of the company’s suppliers are paid in full and on time, the Accounts Payable Department does it all.

So how can your company make sure your Accounts Payable Department is working at tip top shape? By measuring accounts payable productivity and performance metrics, of course! Let’s take a look at a few important examples of accounts payable metrics.

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5 Key Performance Indicators for Finance Department Managers with Examples

Ultimately, for finance department managers, executives, and senior management, it’s always about the bottom line. The Key Performance Indicators for the Finance Department that matter most to them always involve money – revenue, expense and net income. They get paid to count and analyze the flow of the mighty dollar through their businesses.

In reality, however, the modern Finance Department more closely resembles a factory than a giant money counter with dollar bills raining down from the ceiling.

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