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5 Best HR Metrics and Human Resources Key Performance Indicators Examples

Everyone has a different definition of success. This is certainly true in the world of business as accurately judging performance can be tricky. Take the Human Resources (HR) Department, for instance. The HR Department plays a vital role in setting the company up for success, but does not contribute to the bottom line directly. So how can you measure success in HR? Take a look at these five ‘layers’ of performance, and the corresponding Key Performance Indicator examples, to provide you with a holistic, top-down view of Human Resources Department operations.

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How to Measure Call Center Performance – A Step-by-Step Guide

Business performance assessment and management is a daunting task that managers face on a daily basis. How are my employees performing? Are we improving the customer experience? Where can we improve?

These questions can be tough to answer, especially for a small or medium-sized company that can’t afford business intelligence applications with all of the bells and whistles or the luxury of bringing in a consulting firm to improve their operations.

This article will describe the basics of analyzing and benchmarking the performance of a Call Center, or Contact Center.

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How to Select the Right KPIs for Your Business

As we’d mentioned in our article about the different types of KPIs, some KPIs are consistent across lots of industries, while others vary widely from industry to industry, and even from company to company within the same industry. It depends on numerous factors, with “strategic goals” being prominent among them.

So how do you choose? Sure, in "How to Use KPIs to Improve Operations" article, we'll hammer (“beaten to death”?) the point that effective KPIs must align with your firm’s stated objectives. That’s nice. But now that you know that (have we told you recently how smart you are?), we can finally avail you to a simple four-step process for choosing KPIs and ensuring their alignment with behavior and actions your company wants to reinforce.

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Understanding the Different Types of KPIs

In this article, you’ll learn how KPIs can be categorized, based on broad qualities they may share. For digestive purposes, we've broken the KPI universe into four major groups: Qualitative & Quantitative KPIs, Leading & Lagging KPIs, Industry & Operations KPIs, Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) & Key Control Indicators (KCIs).

It’s a big universe out there. Let’s start carving it up.

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Common KPI Examples & Definitions

In this article, we’re going to show you lots of examples of real-world KPIs, spanning lots of different verticals, industries, and functions. This is the first step in helping you to narrow your focus so you can eventually determine which KPIs can work for your business, and how.

For each one, we’ll give you the hardcore definition, followed by our ever-helpful OpsDog tips of what that definition really means, in regular English, as well as why you should care. (Because at OpsDog, we really really want you to succeed. That’s why we’re here.)

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