Print Publishing KPIs, Metrics & Benchmarks

KPIs & Metrics to Measure and Manage Print Publisher Performance

What are Print Publishing KPIs?

Print publishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics focus on measuring the performance of the information publishing process. News, business data, sports information, it’s all changing and fast. With ever-expanding technological advances in the industry, these KPIs often touch on functions related not just to printing and production costs, but also web development and editorial functions, among others. Print publishing KPIs can inform decisions on everything from electronic sales to editing time.

Braving a New World with Print Publishing KPIs

Publishing companies must balance the measurement of different metrics for different functions. Simply measuring the number of copies hitting shelves is not enough anymore. The scope of print publishing KPIs has expanded far beyond just measuring a KPI such as total number of newspapers in a portfolio. Now, publishing companies use KPIs and metrics to track the operational performance of publishing in both print, digital, and even interactive media. These KPIs provide insights that improve editorial, production, printing, circulation, and web design and development.

The Secret Weapon: Top 6 Print Publishing KPIs

The name of the game might have changed slightly, but the key pieces are still in play. Print publishing metrics offer concrete ways to measure your company’s success. Unfortunately, publishing companies can find choosing the correct print publishing KPIs to track and collect structured data to be a challenge in the face of a rapidly changing industry.

Here are 6 print publishing KPI examples that reflect the changing nature and large scope of the industry:

  1. 1.Percentage of Electronic Sales
  2. 2.Average Subscription Length (Digital and Print)
  3. 3.Editing Cycle Time
  4. 4.Moderator Staffing Ratio
  5. 5.Total Volume: Digital Subscribers
  6. 6.Cost Per Article Published

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