Customer Service KPIs, Metrics & Benchmarks

KPIs & Metrics to Measure and Manage Customer Service Performance

What are Customer Service KPIs?

Customer Service metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed to paint a data-driven picture of the overall customer experience. The full picture should include KPIs related to customer interactions during the sales, onboarding and post-sale phases. In addition to monitoring overall customer satisfaction KPIs (OSAT, NPS), high performing customer service organizations also measure leading metrics like First Call Resolution, SLA adherence and average ticket resolution time.

Using KPIs to Manage Customer Experience from End-to-End

Most companies perform regular customer satisfaction surveys to continuously gauge overall satisfaction levels. While overall satisfaction, or OSAT, is a vital metric, best-in-class customer service organizations proactively monitor many other metrics that have been found to drive overall customer experience. To determine what makes their customers tick, companies deploy tools like voice of the customer or customer persona development to ensure they are monitoring KPIs that align with the values and expectations of their customer base.

The Top 5 KPIs to Measure the Customer Journey

Customer service interactions may occur remotely (i.e., in a customer call center, via email, or through a web-based portal), or in the field (i.e., face-to-face interactions). Understanding where and how customer touchpoints occur, and how those tie into the overall customer journey, is important when selecting your KPIs. These 5 KPIs can be applied to most customer service organizations:

  1. 1.Customer Satisfaction Score (and/or, Net Promoter Score)
  2. 2.Customer Retention Rate
  3. 3.Average Issue Response Time
  4. 4.Percentage of Issues Resolved within SLA
  5. 5.First Contact Resolution Rate

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