Consumer Finance KPIs, Metrics & Benchmarks

KPIs & Metrics to Measure and Manage Consumer Finance Performance

What are Consumer Finance KPIs?

Consumer finance KPIs measure productivity, quality, customer service, risk and cost related to the major products provided by a typical consumer finance company, or function: mortgage loans, auto loans, credit cards and payment services (e.g., peer-to-peer payments, etc.). KPI measurement for consumer finance should focus on high volume processes, such as loan origination (sales, processing, close), underwriting, loan servicing, customer on-boarding, and transaction processing.

Using KPIs to Measure Consumer Lending and Credit Card Operations

Customers working with consumer finance companies typically have many options (i.e., competitors) to choose from. Developing competitive products, improving digital channel experience and adoption, and offering best-in-class customer service are key market differentiators. KPIs should be defined and implemented to measure the performance of each of those mission critical objectives. For example, loan performance KPIs (e.g., production, pull-through, cycle times, CSAT, etc.) should be analyzed separately for traditional and digital channels to inform marketing, sales and product development.

Consumer Finance KPIs: the Top 8 Metrics to Start With

There is no shortage of data for consumer finance companies to incorporate into their business intelligence programs – even more so for those with highly digitized operations. At a high-level, KPIs should focus on product performance and customer experience. Here are 8 KPIs that most consumer finance companies measure:

  1. 1.Loan Yield
  2. 2.Loans Outstanding
  3. 3.Loan Origination Cycle Time
  4. 4.Application Pull-Through Rate (by Product)
  5. 5.Credit Card Account Attrition
  6. 6.Percentage of Accounts Past Due (30, 60, 90 Days)
  7. 7.Percentage of Households with Multiple Products
  8. 8.Average Customer Satisfaction Score

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