Call Center KPIs, Metrics & Benchmarks

KPIs & Metrics to Measure and Manage Call Center Performance

What are Call Center KPIs?

A call center, or customer contact center, is a central point of contact for customers. It goes without saying, then, that companies must diligently monitor the customer interactions that take place in the call center. This includes ensuring that the call center is appropriately staffed, that agents are trained to rapidly resolve customer issues and that customers are satisfied with the level of service being provided. There are many industry-standard KPIs and metrics that can be used to monitor each aspect of call center operations.

Using KPIs and Metrics to Manage Call Center Operations

Most call centers have a wealth of data and KPIs at their fingertips. They key to effective call center management is to track the right KPIs, and ensure that managers are not bogged down by complex or low value reports (analysis paralysis!). Call center KPIs can be broken down into 4 groups – IVR/VRU management, call processing, issue resolution and workforce management. A set of 3-5 KPIs for each of these 4 groups is enough to provide a truly data-driven view of call center operations.

The Top 5 Call Center KPIs

While the call center’s primary focus is to provide high quality customer service, there are many factors that combine to dictate overall customer satisfaction. Appropriate staffing, agent training, call monitoring, call handling and effective use of agent’s time – among other things – are in some way tied to the customer experience. These KPIs are vital for any call center manager, regardless of industry or business model:

  1. 1.Calls Handled per Agent (or Representative)
  2. 2.Average Handle Time (AHT)
  3. 3.Abandonment Rate
  4. 4.Occupancy Rate
  5. 5.Customer Satisfaction Score

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