Information Technology (IT) KPIs, Metrics & Benchmarks

KPIs & Metrics to Measure and Manage IT Department Performance

What are IT Key Performance Indicators?

IT Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics focus on measuring the overall performance of an organization’s IT Department. Examples of operational metrics for IT departments include, help desk service level, system installation productivity, first call resolution quality, and the cost per help desk request of servicing the internal customer. IT system metrics measure server speed and other hardware related performance.

Using KPIs to Manage Your IT Department’s Performance

For KPIs to succeed in IT departments, long lists of metrics must be narrowed to focus on the objectives that matter most. Without clear oversight and insight into a manageable set of KPIs, IT implementation projects fall behind schedule, work orders can fall behind schedule, and IT related down time of end user devices or computer users can slow businesses to a crawl.

5 KPIs for Measurement of IT Departments

IT metrics must not only be limited to system measurements such as up-time. Approaching IT KPIs with a balanced scorecard methodology is the ideal way to set performance standards for operations outside of systems as well. Below are examples of 5 KPIs to help get your IT department performing best in class.

5 IT KPIs for IT Managers to Measure:

  1. 1.IT Outsourcing Expense as a Percentage of Total IT Expense
  2. 2.IT Training/Education Expense as a Percentage of Total Budge Expense
  3. 3.IT Service Request Backlog
  4. 4.IT Headcount Ratio
  5. 5.Completed/Ready to work IT Request Submission as Percentage of Total Requests

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